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Redmoon International Business Compony
500 million yen
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The international trading company, the international trading company, was established in the city of Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture, on May 18, 2018, which was the first Chinese trading company for Chinese people, established in cooperation with the Hong Kong rainbow Ryo International Group Co., Ltd., and the capital was 5 million yen. It mainly operates international trade of medical welfare equipment and daily necessities. As you know, Japan is a country where longevity and medicine are developing. In order to enter into the aging society in the future China and Southeast Asia countries, Hirosuke international commerce is affiliated with many medical and welfare equipment manufacturers in Japan, and it is exporting medical welfare equipment which is safe, good quality, and easy operation. Caregivers and health and medical companies in foreign countries are trading as main targets.
 Aomori Prefecture is the birthplace of Japan's Fuji apples, and Aomori Prefecture has the Shirakami mountains of the world natural heritage, and the land area is covered with the green vegetation, and it is rich in natural plants, and it is the rich place of the natural plant, and it is natural use of natural herbs, and it is natural and harmless Products are developed and produced. In cooperation with the local government, the tourism business of Aomori Prefecture is introduced, and the Chinese people of the Chinese people who have long experience living in the local area are invited to guide tourists. It is a company that can be guided by the words of only one country in Aomori Prefecture.

Domestic partner
Hirosaki University hospital
National Center for advanced medical support
Aomori Medical Center
Japanese Society of human health
Aomori Prefecture tourist Federation
Promotion of tourism, regional activation and industry promotion in Aomori Prefecture
Leader Exhibition Japan Corporation
Japan's largest international trade fair
Business office of International Corporation
Offices and offices established primarily to realize sales and marketing functions
International Trade Fair
A meeting room for participating in a local event
International Exchange Corporation
It is used as a warehouse of the company in the invitation room of the visitor who came from far away.