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Company Management Introduction
CEO Introduction
YING LIANG,He is the chief executive officer of Japan Hiroaki International Trading Company. He was a member of the Oriental Medical Research Association, a member of the National Hirosaki University School of Medicine, Kampo Medicine Research Society, and once studied deeply in the National Hirosaki University School of Medicine. It is the only Chinese who participated in the study of longevity health data for the Japanese published in the 2017 Asahi Shimbun. The former research fields affect neurology, psychiatry, health medicine, rehabilitation medicine, preventive medicine, Kampo medicine, social welfare and so on.
Message from the President
Introduction of the Chairman: Chinese Hong Kong, Director of Hong Liang International Group Co., Ltd., Legal Representative of Gong Li International Trading Joint Stock Company, Headquartered in Taisei Building, Hong Kong, China . Since 1980, it has produced and developed many environmental high-tech and products through extensive cooperation and exchanges with companies through famous high schools and scientific research institutes in China.
Message from the President: 
    In our company, progress is everywhere. Regardless of protecting water resources and the environment, we are researching and developing products that are harmless to the environment. People are increasingly conscious and closely related to the future development of humanity for the protection of nature. I love to travel and love nature. I would like to introduce the beautiful scenery of Aomori to tourists all over the world. In Aomori Prefecture, where natural scenery is abundant, we will develop and provide environmentally friendly products to humankind using pure natural plants here on the premise that it will not be destroyed. All businesses should build an economy that can achieve sustainable growth, while avoiding more damage to our planet. The Hong Li Group is happy to promote these positive developments. With our expertise, we have been at the crossroads of global macro trends. Around the world, we can help you meet your health needs, economic growth, urbanization, changing consumption habits, climate change and water resource shortages. From providing harmless disinfectants of plant origin to small restaurants. This is a thorough effort to reduce pollutant emissions at steelworks, automakers, and power plants. Under all circumstances, we want to help our customers maintain health and operate efficiently, reduce costs, reduce environmental impact, and save energy and natural resources.