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Japanese cancer prevention body
Medical visit to Japan
Hongli International Trading GK provides medical checkup services mainly for patients overseas, who come to Japan to see a doctor. Established an international medical service group in cooperation with Japanese medical experts and professors in cooperation with public hospitals in the three major countries of Hirosaki University Hospital, Aomori Prefectural General Hospital, and Aomori Kyoritsu Hospital. Special projects such as a complete set of detailed examinations, cancer prevention screening, health treatment, and travel treatment are available. It includes everything from visa application support to returning home. A specialist medical interpreter will accompany you during the entire health checkup. The Chinese translation of the test results will be sent to the person by international mail. Koryo Kokusai Shoji Co., Ltd. is engaged in negotiations on the development and trade of welfare equipment, consulting of various welfare equipment developed by Nippon Hospital, sales of medical rehabilitation equipment and nursing care products, and analysis and measurement of food and medicine.