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Environmental protection products
Environmental protection products
Based on the technology developed in-house, the company produces and develops many environmental protection high-tech products and products through a wide range of cooperation and exchanges with peer companies through famous universities and research institutes in Japan and overseas. At the same time, Hong Kong headquarters has independent intellectual property rights. In addition, the technology developed through joint research with companies with advanced environmental protection high-tech achievements is used in industrial practice and forms productivity. Environmental protection products mainly include: 
1. Environmental protection products 
2. Environmental protection process technology provision, design, installation, adjustment, operation; environmental protection process technical services.
1, environmental protection household products (as shown in the picture): 
    Natural plant deodorant disinfectant and products can be naturally decomposed by extracting traditional non-toxic and disinfectant disinfectant solution by using traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Does not cause environmental pollution. Contains no harmful poisons such as alcohol, chemicals, or chemical fragrances.
Effectively eliminate bacteria in the air to protect your health. The air is instantly cleaned. It can be kept in the house.
  Since its founding, the Hong Kong headquarters has undertaken several projects in the environmental purification and environmental protection fields of some regions in Hong Kong, China. At the same time, depending on the research technology and investment capabilities of the headquarters, many waterworks plants, city sewage treatment plants, city sewage treatment and incineration power plants, solid waste treatment, city sewage collection pipe network and medical therapy Received various types of BOT, BT and TOT projects such as waste detoxification centralized treatment system. The company's good management and excellent performance lay a solid foundation in the Chinese environmental protection market. We want to make a contribution to the well-being of humankind, health and sustainable development together with the society.
2. Environmental protection technology and environmental protection processes include many Japanese patented technologies not found in other countries as shown in the figure below. The main technologies are essential technologies and equipment for water treatment, various industrial wastewater treatment techniques and equipment, important technologies and equipment for sludge treatment, collection and transportation of city life garbage, relay technology and equipment, city life waste comprehensive treatment and incineration technology. is. Decontamination equipment, special waste incinerator, exhaust gas treatment technology and equipment, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you want to purchase by affiliated companies or government agencies.